01 Month Programming & Robotics Crash Course

Course Description

This one month catch course is aimed to teach children the fundamental ideas of logic construction and computer programming. This course will use gamification to educate students about computer architecture, algorithms, coding, animation, and games. Students will become experts in scratch programming and will be able to compete effectively in hackathons, science fairs, and programming contests.

Curriculum (Level 1)

  • Lecture 1 - Introduction to Scratch, Movement function, Move the sprite task
  • Lecture 2 - Conditional statement/Logic, Task
  • Lecture 3 - What is variable, Create own variable and use them, Task
  • Lecture 4 - Games
  • Lecture 5 - Games
  • Lecture 6 - Microphone, Move, Object
  • Lecture 7 - Mid Quiz
  • Lecture 8 - Animation
  • Lecture 9 - Painting
  • Lecture 10 - Games development
  • Lecture 11 - Project declare and idea discussion
  • Lecture 12 - Project submission & Presentations

Session Details

    This course is best fit for who already have know how to use computer and know about counting.

  • Age - 07 to 14 Years Old
  • Class / Grade: 03 to 10 Class
  • Total Session: 12 Session
  • Total Student allow in one class: 10 Students
  • Course Starting Date: January 2022
  • Quiz: Each level 02 (this course is included 02 quiz)
  • Project: 01 ( Project have to submit to avile certificate) Presentation: 01 ( Project Presentation have to submit to avile certificate)
  • Presentaion: Each level 01 ( Project Presentation have to submit to avile certificate)
  • Certificate: YES. ANTT Robotics Ltd will provide a certificate in accordance with the iDEA Project, the ICT Division, the ICT Ministry of Bangladesh, and the Korea Productivity Center. The ANTT Robotics teaching approach and associated robotics tools are all protected by patent and copyright.
  • Video Lecture: YES, Class Video Lecture will be provided.

Date & Time

  1. Session Duration: 2 hr each session
  2. Session Days: 3 Days/week , ( Sunday, Monday, Wednesday)
  3. Session Time: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Course Teacher

The ANTT Robotics team has extensive teaching experience, including international and national academic members. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science is required of teachers. Where university researchers and professors at the worldwide and national levels are directed in their teaching methods.

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Price: 4000 (50% waiver) 2000 BDT

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