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What Are We Best At ?

ANTT Robotics is Best at EduTech & Fourth Industrial STEM Skills to Develop your Career & Business.

Robots & AI-LMS

STEAM Robots & AI based Learning Management System for your schools to learn programming general

Best Courses

Offering the best STEAM course for students to learn career readiness skills compatible with your

IoT & LoRa

IoT solutions & LoRa based products for the automation industry. Turn your industry to a smart industry.

Robotics R&D

Developing your Software & Hardware product to compatible your business with Industry 5.0 revolution.

AI Based Solution to Make Learning Fun

Introducing Gamified AI-Learning Management System (LMS), Curriculum & Robots for Schools & Students to Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM).

  • Learning Programming Language for Better Career
  • Learning Basic Computer Science (CS)
  • STEAM Curriculum for Schools & Teachers
  • Artificial Intelligence - Learning Management System
  • Gamified Robots and tools for Learning CS
  • STEAM Courses for Students

Robots to Blossom the Inventive Heads of Tomorrow

Welcome to ANTT Robotics STEAM School and Explore Easy Plug & Play Robots, Tools, Sensors to Develop Your Kids Creativity and Analytical Skills. Update Your Students, Teachers & School using Robotics Tools and AI based Learning Management System (LMS) to learn STEAM

  • One Gamified System to Build Career Readiness Skills
  • Easy, Plug and Play Robotics Tools to Learn CS
  • Augmented Graphical Coding Application for STEAM Education
  • AI & IoT based Project Learning Encouragement

AI based Learning Management System for Students & Schools

We are offering only for your children and students to learn properly. Our software will track your students progress & KPI to keep teachers more involved in child care and educating. We offer world class curriculum, source code, robotics tools, teachers training, IDE and LMS. All of those are in one software or ecosystem.


Get Amazing Coding and Do-It-Yourself Experience Insight

We Love to Make It Wonderful To Experience. We have enriched our app with phenomenal arrangements of awesome coding experience for kids.Exciting gamified level, challenges and leader boards to keep you engaged.

STEAM Education Solutions

ANTT Robotics offers the unique STEAM education solutions for all in one umbrella.

New Maker

From early stage to higher level ANTT Robotics offers all kinds of STEAM learning toys,robots,courses & teachers.

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Academic Institutes

ANTT Robotics is dedicated to offering STEAM class room solutions for the Schools & Learning Institute.

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ANTT Robotics Solutions

ANTT Robotics has consistently planned to give the best STEAM Solutions for the School, Educators and Makers.


For the people, family, students or makers ANTT Robotics has several Robots, tools and Toys. Play with thousands of Robotics devices and fabricate your fantasy projects.For the students or individuals ANTT Robotics developed gamified STEAM Robots, Mobile App and WebApp to learn quicker and more than without any problem. Find and Buy your ideal starter units from ANTT Shop.

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As an Educator, you should need to know the fourth industrial revolution skills to instruct your students. To help educators everywhere in the world make the way for STEAM and Computer Science training compatible with the curriculum of NCTB, Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE). Find our Educator program to become the best STEAM Teacher.

Educator Program

ANTT Robotics has developed world class tools for the schools and research laboratories to learn STEAM with their individual curriculums. Providing all in-class items for the school to achieve STEAM, Computer Science, Programming and Robotics compatible with the curriculum of NCTB, Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE). Robotics and Programming is the most ideal approach to acquaint understudies with STEAM training. Furthermore, to ensure that they appreciate it while completely understanding and holding every one of the ideas is by giving involved STEAM instruction. The most ideal approach to encourage advanced technology in the classroom is by making robotics learning packs a piece of the homeroom

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What Our Client Say About ANTT Robotics

Cooperatively Working for Digital Transformation with Skilled Manpower and Digitalized the process of Learning.

Who We Are

ANTT Robotics Family is made with Broad Energetic to have an Effect on Society Utilizing Innovation and Robotics Technology Arrangements.

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Thajid Ibna Rouf Uday
Founder & CEO

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Nazib Ahmmad
Founder & CTO

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Afnan Islam
Director, R&D

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Tanzir Ahmmad
Head Of R&D

ANTT Robotics Industry Venture

ANTT Robotics serves Amazing Industry Ready features for your Business. Our Best Expertise Members are Passionate to Solve Problems.


AI - Service Robot

We are producing Fully Autonomous Service based Robot, Made in Bangladesh.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

High Quality Board and Easy Integration to Data Visualization Enables your Industry Control.

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Robotics R&D

Developing your Software & Hardware product to compatible your business with Industry 5.0

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