School of IoT

IoT Education is Fun Enjoy Transforming anything into smart with IoT.

  • School of IoT helps magically transform any technology into something smart. It’s amazingly easy dashboard helps easy control and data monitoring. It can be connected with routers.
  • School of IoT Kit brings on a revolution in IoT education for students. It offers an amazingly Easy Dashboard Platform. It could easily be Connected with any home router.
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    Bootsland Crafting Creative And Beautiful Experience

    We use the latest technologies it voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam.


    Created For

    What you can innovate with School of IoT

    Home Automation

    You can literally transform your home into an amazing smart home.We have provided all necessary tutorials for you. Control your home from anywhere in the world and automate it.

    Home mini Weather Station

    Build a modern weather station right in your home. Monitor even slightest changes from anywhere in the world and act accordingly. Our powerful hardware and fun

    Smart Garden

    Automate your garden with our kit and make gardening smart & fun. Monitor and take actions to bloom your garden smartly. Make your science fiction dreams come true.

    Electronic Accessory Control

    In any given setting, our kit merges smartly and provides monitoring and control access from anywhere in the world. It’s cool features give a boost in any project. You can do anything with this

    Why school of IoT is Perfect and best in class

    Easy to Use

    We’ve made it super easy and intuitive.All the functions are designed to be easily understandable.

    4th Industrial Revolution Skills

    This kit is designed to harvest skills necessary for leading the 4th industrial revolution. So grab a kit and get ready for the future.

    Why Parents Love “school of Iot”
    1. Unleashes Creativity for the Leaders of Tomorrow.
    2. Helps Children to Tap Into Magical Touch of Innovation
    3. Unleashes Phenomenal Prodigious Possibilities
    4. Makes Children to Be Ready for the Future
    5. Unlocks Curiosity for Science and Mathematics in Children
    6. Gives Access to Industry Standard Innovation Tools


    Our dashboard offers an amazing monitoring experience. And it’s controlling experience is as charming as cutting butter.

    Software Compatibility

    The kit is highly dynamic and compatible with Python and arduino programming environmen

    School of IoT

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